All the small things...One step at a time

Peter M. Nguyen

Santa Anita Race Track 03/29/2014

This weekend I went to the Santa Anita Race Tracks! This race track is located in San Gabriel Valley just outside of Los Angeles and was built in 1907. Decided to go because Ramen Fest was being held there that weekend and I love ramen!

The ramen was amazing as usual. My personal favorite had to be Tatsunoya from Torrance. The melt in your mouth pork and smooth salty broth definitely hit the spot!

Since this was my first time at the race tracks I had to bet on a horse! C’mon its all part of the experience! Number 5 was the one we all picked. Spring Up was its name if I remember correctly and guess what? We won!! This is the photo finish. Spring Up won by a nose! Such an awesome experience. Good food and good company will always lead to good times. Until the next adventure!


03/29/2014 - We rage caged…such an awesome game. 

03/29/2014 - We rage caged…such an awesome game. 

02/16/2014 Hillcrest, San Diego

imageToday me and the girlfriend decided to head down to San Diego to eat at The Tractor Room and to also visit some of her friends that live in Hillcrest. The food here was really good! They serve everything on cast iron so it was very cool. The drinks were great! They have a huge selection of bloody marys to choose from. It was over an hour wait though, but if you don’t mind, definitely go check it out. 

imageAfter lunch we decided to go hang out and walk around downtown Hillcrest to help the digestion. We eventually stopped by a bar for some beers and more food. Hahah

imageCheck them out at Hillcrest Brewing Company.

A Presidents Day well spent with good company, good food and good drinks. I’ll end it with a photo of James the Tonkinese cat that was super chill!